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Metaphysical Emotional Transformation Metaphysical Emotional Transformation TM or Meta-ET TM is an energy psychology system which combines principles from metaphysics, spirituality, Law of Attraction, meridian tapping techniques, quantum physics and epigenetics, resulting in healing from emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological pain, suffering and disease.

It is a life-changing technique of reading the symbols of the outer world for messages that realign you to Pure Consciousness. It shifts your reality, releases blocks and connects you to the vibrational Source of love, bliss and empowerment.

During a typical Meta-ET TM session you will learn how to:

★ Understand how separation beliefs are responsible for all human suffering due to the ego's struggle with Divine Mind.

★ Become the Ultimate Observer, noting body language, symbolic wording, repeated events, and inner/outer expressions of disconnectivity.

Metaphysical Emotional Transformation★ Look into your current reality for pointers to the cause of your past problems, understanding how your inner beliefs are mirrored in the 3-D world that appears to be around and outside you.

★ Recognize that you experience negative circumstances, people and conditions in your life as a self-extension of your own disowned and outwardly-projected beliefs, primarily learned in early childhood.

★ Enlighten, empower and heal yourself, freeing you and those in relationship with you as you spontaneously evolve with a spiritual metamorphosis.

Meta-ET TM has been used to heal diseases, lose weight, correct addictions, develop self-esteem, find relationships, attract prosperity, remove depression, secure employment, increase mental and spiritual happiness and much more. It is not just another healing tool - it is a transforming, paradigm - shifting way of life that will redefine your life experience and align you with all good things. You are the magnificent creator of your own life...the One who transforms formless into form.

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