[Meta Moments] MetaMoments: January 27, 2011--A Disobedient Creator

Jodi McDonald mcgolf at satx.rr.com
Thu Jan 27 10:17:30 CST 2011

God doesn’t obey very well.

As well-intentioned children of a powerful Creator, we put out our requests 
and we make our lists and plans.  Our days are filled with fantasies of how 
we see it all unfolding.  We visualize the other people acting in ways that 
serve us well.  Lost in our imaginary world, we pretend everything goes just 
as we wanted.  As we emerge back into conscious awareness, here and there, 
we request that our dreams come true.  We explain to God what we want and 
how it should all go.  We believe, with every fiber of our BEing, that we 
know exactly how it will play out.  We are in excited expectation, smiling 
and laughing and trusting God will comply with our requests.  And then, God 
turns around and does things in some weird way we NEVER would have even 

“Excuse me, God, this isn’t what I asked for!  You got it all wrong!”

Our quest to be #1 has superseded any desire to follow.  We truly believe we 
must lead or things won’t be done right.  Time and time again, we are 
disappointed in the gifts we receive, and we return it to Sender, address 
unknown.  Do you ever wonder what might have happened had you accepted?

I often tell the story about being in the movie, “Try It On Everything.”  I 
had just finished teaching a series of classes on the movie, “The Secret,” 
and I was putting my knowledge into practice.  I would spend every morning 
in meditation, holding that I would finally have a book written for 
publication.  I wasn’t sure exactly why I couldn’t finish writing a book, 
but I was overlooking that aspect.  I was simply imagining that I would be 
successful, earning money as people flocked to read my words.  Very slowly, 
I was writing the first few chapters of a book, but it was all done in 
struggle.  Nonetheless, I continued holding the belief that God would 
provide the means so long as I stayed in high vibration.

And then it happened.  One day, just as I was coming out of a meditation, up 
popped the email about applying to be in a movie about EFT ®.  I knew very 
little about tapping, but I touched on it during the teaching of “The 
Secret.”  I remember laughing as I read through the application.  I thought 
tapping looked ridiculous and I had no desire to learn more about it.  I was 
pretty darn sure my life’s goal was to be a famous author. 
HOWEVER....despite my doubts and confusion as to what this had to do with 
anything I wanted....I complied!  I filled out the application and instantly 
knew I would be accepted.  My heart was filled with anticipation and 
excitement, although I had no idea of what was to come.  A few weeks later, 
I learned I was one of the 10 participants chosen.  Confused and unsure of 
what was happening, I packed my suitcase and headed off to the airport.  The 
last words I said to my husband were, “I have no idea what THIS is about, 
but I’m doing it anyway!”  That was 3 1/2 years ago...and looking back, I’m 
in awe of how things unfolded through my trust.  No, this wasn’t MY plan. 
It was God’s plan.

In allowing God to move through me—guiding me—I am now living a life I could 
never have imagined.  This certainly isn’t where I thought I would be!  It 
isn’t what I envisioned...no, it is MORE than I envisioned.  My trust 
rewarded me immeasurably.

The main problem the ego self has is it is unwilling to follow.  It always 
wants to lead—to know what to do.  It prides itself on figuring things out 
before God does and it boasts about how clever it is.  It orders God around 
and insists on its own way, expecting God will comply with its demands.  It 
is unwilling to own up to the laundry list of failures it has 
accumulated—always believing that this time it will get it right.  It 
acquires what it wants through great struggle, and berates itself when 
things don’t go well.  Nevertheless, it plods on, endlessly “trying” to find 
some measure of success to brag about.

I implore you...if things are not happening as you envisioned, and yet are 
effortlessly unfolding before you in a different way... then follow!  Give 
up your need to know the future and allow God to take you to your perfect 
place.  This requires a silent ego and an open heart.  You must trust!  You 
must remember that your very limited perspective of the bigger picture does 
not allow you to understand why things are happening as they are.  On the up 
side, God knows.  And more importantly, God adores you and wants to give you 
the kingdom of heaven.  All that is required is for you to follow in eager 
anticipation and gratitude.  “Thank you, God, for guiding me to all that 
serves me best!”

Begin this day in absolute surrender.  Do not require understanding prior to 
packing your bags.  You will never understand, anyway, because your focus 
does not allow you to see infinite possibilities.  Let God BE God in your 
life by releasing your need to control.  Move into unknown territory with 
profound trust and excitement, knowing God is showing you the way.  Perhaps 
it doesn’t look anything like what you had imagined—follow anyway!  You are 
BEing led back to Eden and once you arrive, you will stand in awe as you 
rejoice at the brilliance of the journey.  I always tell clients, “Be sure 
to expect God will take the scenic route.  God is in no hurry!”  You will 
find yourSelf robustly laughing and saying, “I could never have imagined 
THIS is where I was going!”  God has a great sense of humor and an absolute 
knowing of what is right for you.  Oh child of Love...I urge you to follow.

Tapping on the Karate Chop, begin your daily clearing exercise with these 3 
setup statements:

“Even though my Creator leads me into unknown territory, causing me to feel 
fear and worry, I release my need to know where I’m going and how I’ll get 
there.  As I feel this insecurity about my future, I let go of my desire to 
control how things should be by trusting that Love is clearing the path 
before me.”

“Even though I believe I know what is best for me, I let go of my ego’s 
childish insistence of having its own way as I allow God to BE God in me.”

“Even though I have attempted to get God to obey my commands, I admit this 
has never worked and never will.  Today, I choose to allow God to 
effortlessly unfold my path in front of me as I comply, instead.  I do this 
because I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.”

Continue tapping through the remaining 8 tapping points as you tell the 
stories of how your fantasies have not manifested.  Feel the feelings of 
disappointment, abandonment, rejection and powerlessness.  Do not stop 
tapping until you have released all the negative feelings around the 
countless failures you remember surrounding your inability to control your 
destiny.  Cry, yell, scream...allow the feelings to surface as you admit 
that your attempts to control God have failed.  Once you have released all 
the non-serving energy invested in your inability to master BEing God, 
surrender!  Fully SURRENDER your ego self into the hands of the Almighty. 
Get out of God’s way and ALLOW the All-Knowing Mind to take charge of how 
your life is experienced.  Step into the positive statements that align you 
with the desire to FOLLOW God’s lead as you find your way back to Eden.

Now, watch to see what miracles manifest right in front of your eyes!  Yes, 
my child, it was always that easy.

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

"Where traditional therapy ends...We BEgin!"

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