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With the funerals of the Tucson victims behind us, now the focus will shift to the one who committed the atrocities.  I’ve been hearing various things about this young man—most of it about his propensity to being odd and his strange behaviors.  That is evident.  Most just use the word “crazy” to describe him, but the words schizo-affective have crossed the lips of some of those in the field. While I have tremendous sympathy for the families who lost loved ones, I can also feel great compassion for the family of this young man.  I heard the mother is having an extremely difficult time.  It is during times like this I wonder why those with chemical, emotional and mental imbalances have not been helped earlier.  What family dynamics were attracting, hiding, unable to help or find/afford help or ignoring this type of illness?  And even more startling, why does our media—the reflection of our mass consciousness—enjoy pointing fingers of blame so much?

Yes, this young man has issues...no doubt.  But is it the person or the illness that committed the crime?  There are likely numerous diagnoses which will emerge in coming days.  There are thousands, perhaps millions, of other people walking around with these same imbalances, but society tends to turn a blind eye to them.  The responsibility of care is passed from one person to the next, each previous one washing his/her hands of the case.  Now, throw in the everyday chaos, the social climate of fear and hate, and the availability of weapons, and there you have it—a volatile mixture seeking an outlet, a target.  And then we wonder why, one day, the illness explodes.

As I listen, here and there, I also hear people saying things like “He obviously isn’t crazy!  He’s been planning this for quite some time!”  Does that even make sense?  Wouldn’t that indicate something is amiss?  This is not a “normal” behavior.  Every action he took in the last year was a cry for help gone unnoticed.

In light of this event, what I became aware of was how many pundits raced to blame.  We were told it was the media, President Obama, political posturing, Wal-Mart employees who sold this young man the bullets, poor parenting, and even Sarah Palin.  While some of those factors might have played a role in the outcome, continuing the outrage, finger-pointing and arguing is not resolving this problem!  And in all honesty...the core issue that started this young man on a collision course with the world most likely began in early childhood where he was wounded by words, actions, interpretations or implications of others. Programs cause behaviors, and there is no one to blame as they are endlessly passed from generation to generation—sometimes with malice, and other times in absolute innocence and even love. 

When will we learn that blame does absolutely nothing to change things?  In the end, it turns the focus away from the problem into a limited direction, creating even more negative energy, and thus, society is unable to truly see all the contributing factors.  It certainly does not provide an answer.  So, we have to ask ourselves...and yes, this is blunt and painful if we tell the truth...are we focusing on blame for the pure enjoyment of how righteous that makes us feel in being right or “better than” the other or are we truly seeking resolution so this won’t happen again?  Sadly, I believe we choose the former all too often.  In months to come, we will turn around to see very little changed after the Tucson event.  The rhetoric will die down, the young man will be sentenced to life in prison or death, and everyone will go back to doing what it is they do each day. We will pass the responsibility on to “them”—some unknown body that we assume will correct the problem.  Of course, there is no such body.  It was always an individual task, but we don’t have to feel guilty if we don’t take responsibility, do we?  And then...one day...it will happen all over again.

In working with a Meta-ET ™ practitioner, we work to shift focus away from blame.  We offer, instead, reasons why people do as they do.  We help victims/survivors release this pain by empowering them with a new way of responding to past events.  We give them freedom from the past by erasing the old story of blame, guilt, sadness, powerlessness, or unworthiness.  In its place, we offer them strength, joy, freedom, love, and most importantly, alignment with God—the ultimate empowerment opportunity.  We don’t let anyone off the hook—not even ourselves.  We are all responsible for making ourselves better people, and that requires us to own up to our own shadows.  We all have them.

We never find resolution in blame...blame gives power to other people and outside circumstances.  So long as we live in an environment of non-acceptance, we remain in the past.  BEing in The Presence requires detachment from all blame.  Who in your life are you blaming for your own problems? Be honest!  Everyone you blame for your circumstances must be accepted if you are to walk into Oneness with All That Is.  You cannot set anyone outside the boundaries of infinity and expect to reside inside the circle yourSelf.  If you are still doing so, you have not yet understood the concept of infinity.  Is it time to stop blaming “them” so you can heal?  The only one held in bondage by blame is yourSelf.

“Even though I blame _____________________ for the problems in my life, I choose to refocus my inner eyes so I can see that God is All That Is and everything else is the illusory belief of my ego self.  I release _______________ and myself from bondage because I deeply and completely love and accept that God is All That Is.”

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

"Where traditional therapy ends...We BEgin!"

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