[Meta Moments] Meta Moments: November 27, 2010--Stop the Insanity!

Jodi McDonald mcgolf at satx.rr.com
Sat Nov 27 16:31:41 CST 2010

Are you looking at the people, events and circumstances in the world around you while blaming and complaining about what you don’t like, or what you don’t have, want or need?  Then you have rendered yourSelf powerless.  You are fighting a losing battle. As Susan Powter used to scream out in her commercials, “STOP THE INSANITY!”  Your point of power lies within yourSelf, and when you change the way you are responding to the outer world, the outer world will mirror that back to you.  All power lies within!

As difficult as it is to remember, keep reminding yourSelf that the outer world is reflecting back nothing but your own beliefs.  It is not against you, but is desperately trying to help you understand where you have blocks.  It is YOU keeping your good from manifesting in life...no one else can because no one else can feel your feelings or believe the thoughts in your head for you.  Stop running from the negative printout and call it forward to study the how and why of what has manifested as your story.  Stop blaming “others” or God for what has not gone your way.  God and the world around you are your most supportive cheerleaders!  We would LOVE to see you happy, fulfilled, healthy, loved, and wealthy, but we can only reflect the beliefs you have scripted.

Rather than blame or complain, change your response!  Remove non-serving, limiting beliefs and begin to EXPECT life to manifest as everything you have desired.  Tap away the non-serving beliefs by pinpointing the origin and source of the belief.  Let it go!  Tap IN everything you already have as if you are blessing God and the world for providing it to you.

There is no better day than today to begin to live as if you are the master of the universe.  You are!

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

"Where traditional therapy ends...We BEgin!"

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