Welcome! Your Metaphysical Emotional Transformation TM BEgins Here and Now!

Have you repeatedly gone from place to place, modality to method and tool to technique in an effort to find help for emotional, physical and spiritual suffering? Don't you wish there was one answer? Wouldn't it be great if it was easy?

Well, we've got great news for you! There is just such an answer to your prayers. It is called Metaphysical Emotional Transformation TM ... or Meta-ET TM .

Meta-ET TM is not just another technique or tool. It is a life - altering SYSTEM which has the ability to shift your reality, to release hidden, subconscious blocks and to reconnect you to your Authentic Self.

Unlike traditional therapy, our goal is to quickly empower YOU to take charge - - to become your own practitioner - - to BE responsible for your own growth and renewal process. We show you how to easily locate your core issues and even better ... we show you how to clear out the limiting, non-serving, sabotaging beliefs that have been keeping you from the life of your dreams. No more will you be a powerless and unworthy victim of life ... you will BE a magnificent miracle-maker on a purposeful path!

After just one session of Meta-ET TM, you will find yourself feeling lighter, happier, healthier and more aligned. You will finally understand why happiness has been such a struggle and how to move yourself into effortless BEing. Once awakened, you will BE forever changed.

During a typical Meta-ET TM session you will learn how to:

★ Look into your current reality for pointers to the cause of your problems, understanding how your subconscious beliefs are mirrored in the 3-D world that appears to be around and outside you.

★ Recognize that you experience negative circumstances, people and conditions in your life as a self-extension of your ego's disowned and outwardly-projected beliefs, primarily learned in early childhood.

★ Enlighten, empower and heal yourself, freeing you and those in relationship with you as you spontaneously evolve through spiritual metamorphosis.

Although Meta-ET TM uses Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) as a part of this process, please do not confuse what we do with typical MTT! Our system is a unique expression of energy work that was revealed after connecting with what science now calls "The Unified Field." Our Discovery Process is much more in depth, and is exclusive to our system alone. Quite simply ... there is no other system like ours!

Meta-ET TM has been used to help clients lose weight, work through addictions, develop self-esteem, find relationships, attract prosperity, release deep sadness, secure employment, find success, increase spiritual happiness and much, much more. This is a transforming, paradigm-shifting life experience which will align you with All That Is.

Victimhood? Or responsibility? It's YOUR choice!

Meta-ET TM is committed to transforming lives and to self-empowering people from all over the world by offering individual sessions, public workshops, national/international media participation, social networking and certification programs in order to bring happiness, wholeness and self-worth to individuals so that they may then contribute to the evolutionary enlightenment and expansion of Cosmic Consciousness in honor of past generations, present generations, and millions of generations yet to be.

NOTE: Although the word metaphysical is part of our name, please understand we are not here to proselytize! We use this term to relate to a type of philosophy that believes in a reality beyond what can be perceieved by our five senses, i.e., a spiritual realm. While we do incorporate aspects of spirituality and science into our system, we have no desire to change any beliefs that serve you. We work with people of all religous traditions, and even with those who have no particular affiliation, because our practitioners are trained to mirror back the beliefs of the client only. Our goal is to help you look through your beliefs to discover what works for you and what does not. We help you clear the non-serving beliefs blocking you from your highest good....but we always meet you where you are.