Meta ET Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET TM Master Practitioner, has been using Meta-ET TM since the early part of 2008, although it wasn't given that name until the summer of 2009. In speaking engagements, she often explains that she isn't the founder of the system ... it found her. While interacting with the I AM consciousness, the information was downloaded and given to her through work with her clients. Guided by God, all the puzzle pieces fell miraculously into place as she was handed one of the most profound transformational systems known to date. She soon realized her destiny was to share this gift with as many as she could reach. Effortlessly, people were finding their way to Meta-ET TM , often beginning the conversation with the words, "I don't know why I feel so drawn to this, but I believe I'm being Divinely guided." After hundreds of sessions with countless clients, her popularity grew and her services were more and more in demand. McDonald is a highly-attuned empath and is enormously intuitive in her work. She begins all her sessions by explaining that it will not be "her" doing any of the work, but The Presence who works through the vessel of her being. With deep compassion, presence and grace, this Divine Parent reaches out to the Inner Child within providing well-deserved and desperately needed nurturing and Love. Giving the ego self a voice to quiet its fears while Unconditional Love listens and validates, negative blocks are removed, freeing the beautiful Authentic Self to live in trust and joy! McDonald's deepest desire is to teach Meta-ET TM to millions so that they, too, can find the comfort, connection and joy that she expresses each day. Her work is being touted as life-changing, and one session proves why. It sets you free to live the life you've always dreamed of experiencing!

Metaphysical Emotional TransformationIn the summer of 2009, McDonald invited an incredible talent to join the Metaphysical Emotional Transformation TM family. Jaclyn Gorr is a gifted Science of Mind master and the first Level III Practitioner of Meta-ET TM .

If you are interested in becoming a certified Meta-ET practitioner, please send your request through our Contact page. Our certification program is second to none, and we would love to have you join our family! You can learn more about McDonald and the many other talented practitioners on the PRACTITIONERS page.

So, you may be wondering...What exactly IS Meta-ET TM?

Meta-ET TM stands for Metaphysical Emotional Transformation. It is an epiphysical energy system that combines components of various spiritual and scientific teachings to form a unique method of transformation for problems in the mind, body and spirit. We demonstrate how current problems and diseases(effects) are the result of outer world manifestations of our inner beliefs(cause) and that removing non-serving beliefs in the subconscious programming of the wounded Inner Child has a profound effect on our current lives. Working in relaxed brain-wave states, we open the subconscious mind while using specifically-designed meridian tapping techniques to clear conflicting beliefs.

Metaphysical Emotional TransformationTHE CONCEPTS OF META-ET TM

The basic components of this system are based on:

★ Body-Mind Connection (inner and outer world mirroring)
★ Meridian Tapping Techniques
★ Chakras and symbols
★ Epigenetics (control in the environment, not the genes)
★ The Observer element
★ Conscious/Subconscious Mind characteristics
★ Ego and Pure Consciousness functions as they relate to the Unified Field

Metaphysical Emotional TransformationEach of these components must be thoroughly understood in order to properly apply Meta-ET TM, and thus, each of these is covered in every Meta-ET TM session, in our Manifesting Miracles workshops and in our basic, foundational level certification course.


Here are a few of the kind words our clients have shared about their personal experiences after working with our Meta-ET TM system:

I was skeptical when I heard of Meta-ET TM, but after my first session I saw immediate improvement in my health. I was having a lot of pain in my lower back but it was completely gone in two weeks. I have told several others about this and would recommend it to everyone.

Jim from Canada

I have been involved with Meta-ET TM for about a year, but intensely for the last 3 months. I have gained such amazing insight about myself and how to interpret the things around me. I have also felt a lifetime of stored emotions which could then be acknowledged, tapped on and released so that they no longer interfere with the person I choose to be at this time in my life.

Gail White, San Antonio, TX

There is no other system of healing like this one. I've tried traditional therapy and many of the popular healing techniques, but Meta-ET TM surpasses all of them. Once you understand how the outer world mirrors back your subconscious beliefs, it is easy to locate your core issues so you can clear the blocks that are keeping you from your dreams, heath and love. If you are ready to give up on finding a method that actually works, be sure to give this a try first! Meta-ET TM delivers where others fail!

Lee T., Florida

I have seen amazing changes in my life since working with Meta-ET TM. I finally got the job I wanted and my relationships with my family are getting better every day. I now understand how to apply the Law of Attraction in my life. When there are blocks, I know how to find and remove them. Thanks for teaching me how to "manifest miracles!"

Jenny Smith, California

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your system is incredible. I have finally learned how to love myself. It is hard to believe I spent so many years in depression. I am now an empowered, healthy and happy BEing.

TE, Texas

Meta-ET TM is a dynamic, life-changing process. It has helped me get rid of a lot of negative energy. One result of this is that my relationships are improving! As they say, "Try it, you'll like it!"


It was hard to admit that I was the one causing my problems. I had to learn to love myself all over again. Years of therapy had failed to do this. I can accept responsibility for my life now, and I can change what I don't like. Meta-ET TM was a gift from God!

Ann W.