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Where traditional therapy ends Meta-ET BEgins!

The Story of My Life

Recently, I have been working, behind the scenes, writing a new book.  In doing so, I had a revelation I would like to share with you.

It all started as I followed protocol. I began by laying out the Table of Contents for the book.  I noticed how the standard arrangement starts off with the title of “Introduction” and ends with the summary called “Conclusion.”  In between are varied amounts of chapters to fill in the story.  Life is much like this, isn’t it?

The Introduction begins with birth into the physical realm.  The Conclusion is the final breath drawn.  All the experiences between those two dates become various chapters in the story of life.  Some chapters are filled with wonder and joy, while others tell tales of woe and defeat.  But whose “story” is this really?  It is the story of thought…the ego self.  Our self-identification is one that is tied to the physical body and all its experiences as it journeys from birth to death.

How sad it is that we have limited the full expression of who we are to only the body and the voice in the head that narrates our story.  Most live life primarily as the ego self.  As we become identified with the name of the body and the characteristics attached to it, we lose sight of The Observer who is witnessing the entire event.  The consciousness of Self lingers in the quiet recesses–in the gap between thoughts–and takes in the story the ego describes, moment to moment.  The best way to understand this is to read, silently, words from a book.  As you “hear” these words in your head, ask yourself this question, “Who is it that is listening to me when I speak in my head?” One speaks.  The other hears. (Neither one using mouth or ears, by the way.) The speaker is the ego self.  The listener is your consciousness, or what I call the Authentic Self…the part of the Self we seldom identify as us.

The fascinating thing about the Authentic Self is that it is not in the physical realm.  It resides in what science now calls “The Field.”  It is a realm of Pure Consciousness, and is a wave form.  Even more interesting is that it also experiences itself as a “part of” All That Is.  It has a self identity, just as the physical expression (ego self) does, albeit a spiritual one which is very much aware of The Presence of All That Is.  This spiritual Self is not only connected to God, but knows itself as an extension of the same One.  It can merge into the One, or sense itself as a separate, unique extension of that One.  From the perspective of the Authentic Self, all possibilities are known.  It doesn’t require the education of the ego self to “complete” it–it is already complete.

Moving through life as the ego self, we endlessly attach ourselves to one thing or another in order to satisfy the unquenchable thirst of lack.  It seems we are missing something, and we seek forms to bring us that feeling of wholeness.  But…the feeling is fleeting.  Once we acquire something, we move on to the next thing.  It starts to look like we will never obtain freedom, happiness, joy or that feeling of enough.  What else?  What more can we add to ourselves to feel that we have accomplished a life of fulfillment?  The ego wanders through life hoping that a new relationship, a new car, a new job or a new body will bring completition to the journey.  But…it never does.

I encourage you to get back in touch with the Authentic Self.  It is also you.  In the stillness between thoughts, you might sometimes sense a soft sigh as it entertains ideas of what the physical self is experiencing in the realm of “becoming.”  The Authentic Self bathes in connection with Source Being and it has all the answers you are seeking.  You should ask it questions. One thing you should know, however.  It won’t answer in words.  Its language is one of feelings.

You have never been and never will be incomplete.  Your Introduction began with you knowing you are unlimited potential in physical expression.  Your Conclusion will echo that realization.  It is the chapters between, however, where you will write the story of your physical life.  What type of story will you tell your consciousness it is living as you?

If you want your story to end with the words “and they lived happily ever after,” you must first remember to live as the hero/heroine of the story.  The Authentic Self.

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner
“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!” Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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Change is a PROCESS of Growth

Planting the seed of change is a process, not an overnight manifestation.  To watch an acorn blossom into a mighty oak, one must be willing to wait and see.  In the end, of course, we understand it was worth the wait!

When you are ready to make a change in your life, you will be up against a mighty foe.  I’m not talking about people who might disagree with you, I’m speaking of the one within.  The ego does not like change.  It feels safe only in the familiar–that stifling “comfort zone.” Be prepared to put in time winning it over because it will not go without protest.  (And you thought THEY were going to be tough!)

In order to gain support from the ego, realize that time is on your side.  Be patient and do whatever it takes to quiet the fears that arise.  In Meta-ET, we know that means to remove the old, conditioned subconscious programming that is blocking you while allowing the new ideas to take root.  It is the first step of the planting process.

Here are the 7 steps for a successful garden of growth:

1.   Cultivate the soil.  Begin by checking in with your ego to see what opposing beliefs are held within.  When you talk about this change, what thoughts come into mind?  It is very important to notice the inner chatter of the subconscious mind.  Write down the fears–the “what if” statements.  Each one must be weeded out before any new idea will take root.  How?  Call a Meta-ET practitioner–these people are a gardner’s best friend!

2.  Choose the seed wisely!  When you are in the process of change, be sure you are very clear as to which seed you want to plant.  Constantly changing your mind will keep you stuck in this stage forever.  Select something…anything!  If it turns out that it isn’t what you want, simply dig it up begin again.  Any movement is better than none.  I would highly suggest that when you are choosing the seed, you make it positive, by the way.  Too many choose the opposite–they focus on and plant into the subconscious mind what they don’t want.  Decide what you want.  Choose it!

3.  Plant the seed.  Once you have selected what you want, plant it.  Think of it often, using imagination.  See it happening as if it is already done.  You always want to focus on the result, the final destination.  What does it look like once fully grown?  Feel the joy of that.  Isn’t that fun?

4.  Nurture the seed with plenty of attention, but don’t dig it up!  Once the seed is planted, be sure to nurture it with lots of loving attention.  However, don’t keep digging it up to check on its growth or make alterations.  You must TRUST the process!  Learn to believe without evidence.  Tremendous work is done beneath the soil long before the first shoot emerges in this world.  Not to worry…God is enormously busy working on your behalf, even now.

5.  Be patient!  “Good things come to those who wait.”  We must allow the passage of earthly time if we want to move something from the unmanifest realm into physical form.  While there is no absolute on how long that will be, our job is to stay with it, knowing the end result will be worth the wait.  The Universe/God doesn’t make mistakes.  Everything is as it should be and as Mary Baker Eddy said, “Patience must have her perfect work.”

6.  Rejoice in each stage of growth.  Each new leaf, new limb, new blossom needs celebration.  That encourages the growth to continue.  Many wait until the change is completely manifested before starting to appreciate all that is occuring to get to that place.  Appreciation is the highest vibration.  Use it to move the process along much faster. Come on, where is the celebration?  Party on!

7.  Expect MIRACLES!  Without having to know how it will happen, what it will look like or when it will be fully grown, believe it will be wonderful.  Everything happening is for the highest and best and the world supports and loves you.  When fear is removed and TRUST is established, incredible results are returned as a reward of your faith.  Never settle for less than the best while in the process of waiting.  Stand strong at the portal of thought by feeling good–no, feel great–as often as possible. Your expectation is moving into form each moment.  Expect miracles through the vibration of appreciation!

Each one of these stages of growth contributes to the final outcome.  Do not skimp on any one of them.  Whatever it is you want to have, do or be is absolutely possible.  The only thing standing between you and the life of your dreams is your own limited beliefs.  Weed your garden and plant and nourish seeds of change with confidence and joy!

A miracle has just been planted in your garden of growth.  Change is in the wind.  Can you hear its whisper?  It is up to you whether or not it dies, survives or thrives.

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner
“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”
Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

Winning Begins With Self-Love

I’m sure many of you reading this post are also watching the 2012 Olympics.  Addictive, huh?

I think the reason we love watching these amazing athletes is largely because they are showing us that devotion and commitment have a huge payoff for those who really pour themselves into manifesting a dream.  If you listen to them speak after winning a race or competition, you hear the same thing, again and again.  They speak of overcoming incredible obstacles in pursuit of a dream that could not be denied.  How many of us can say we have done the same?  Unfortunately, most of us do the opposite.  When the going gets tough, we quit! This is called +4 commitment–“Going for it UNTIL…”(it becomes inconvenient).

What does it take to stay focused and determined even when the odds are against us?  It takes passion without limits!  Those who live with that kind of passion cannot accept defeat.  The only thing good enough is the acheivement of a dream that has burned within for years–often since childhood.

Do you have a dream, a goal, that has been whispering (or yelling) in your ear for years?  Do you wonder WHY you cannot seem to do whatever it takes to obtain that dream?  Maybe you do have that burning passion, but you also have limiting beliefs.  Ask yourself what it is in your way and you will soon discover it is nothing but the thoughts in your head.  Fear.  Your ego’s programmed beliefs from others.  What did they teach you when you were a child?  It matters.

Oddly enough, there is only one way to reach ANY goal–weight loss, prosperity, romantic partnering, health, etc. You must begin by learning to love yourself.  Without self-love, you will never reach that dream, and even if you do, you will quickly sabotage all you accomplished.  Winners in life love themselves. Period.

When I have a client who wants to lose weight, he/she will assume I will begin there.  I don’t.  I know that no one can move forward without first ACCEPTING themselves exactly as they are.  If I look into the mirror and say, “I hate you,” then the child within is certainly not going to be a team player.  And when we really think about who we are saying that to…it is shocking that we ever allowed those words to pass our lips.  Those who hate themselves cannot attract anything or anyone other than what they are feeling inside.  The outer world will reflect the hatred right back until it is cleared.

I remember when I used to wake up and look into the mirror and repeat those words over and over again.  I HATE YOU!  This was during the time I was an alcoholic.  I so desperately wanted to stop drinking, and yet I couldn’t.  Each day that passed, I had more to hate.  But a remarkable thing happened when I decided to quit.  Each afternoon at 5:00, I would go for a walk.  With each and every step I took I repeated these words in my head:  I LOVE YOU!  I knew I had mountains of hatred to undo and the only way I could think of to counteract all that guilt, shame and disgust with myself was to learn to somehow learn to love and forgive myself.  As the days passed, my body changed.  The cravings stopped.  I was becoming fit and healthy.  I was looking in the mirror and seeing someone new.  I was no longer poisoning my body with alcohol and sugar, but I was telling the Inner Child the only words she ever wanted to hear.  I care.  That was 25 years ago, and I never drank another drop of alcohol again.

Today…begin to learn to love yourself.  Not for what you “will be” but for what you are in this very moment.  In doing so, you are on the way to having it all.

I care.


Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”

Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

When Life Says No, Reply with Next

When things don’t go as you expected, that does not mean the world is against you.  Quite to the contrary!
What most people do when they experience any type of rejection is they assume that means The Universe/God is saying NO!  At that point, they retreat into depression, not having any idea what to do.  Many give up completely, believing it is not meant to be.  Without a doubt, those who give up need to work on rejection issues!
What if the real message is “I’ve got you, but you’re going the wrong way”?  The Creative Force is doing everything to move you toward all you say you want to have, do or be…and you are simply going to have to trust that everything that is happening along the way is working to get you where you want to be.  As a parent, the best way to explain this is to picture a child running, giggling, and playing in the park.  My child is excitedly headed for the swing set, but as one who cares, when I notice there is a large wasp nest in the tree next to the swing set, I scoop my child into my arms and say “not that one.”  My child might cry and get upset at this action, not understanding I am doing all I can to keep him/her safe.  Moments later, I carry the child to a different swing set, and now my child is happy again.  Please keep this in mind—everything, and I do mean everything, that is happening in your life right now is information working FOR you!  Life is not callously taunting you with a NO, it is guiding you to something that more closely matches what you want.
And then there are those obstacles you’ve placed in the path.  When we ask for something, all the obstacles between where we are and where we want to be are spotlighted immediately.  It is up to us to clear them out.
And finally, all those who’ve experienced some measure of success have learned that the more rejections we receive, the better the odds of us receiving that which we ask.  Let me give you some examples:
1.  Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame (at the age of 65!) approached 1,009 people about selling his chicken.  Each time he was rejected.  On the 1,010th time, he made history.
2.   Thomas Edison failed 9,000 times before he perfected the light bulb.
3.   The first time Michael Jordan tried out for the basketball varsity team, he didn’t make the cut.
4.   Jack Canfield was rejected by 141 publishers before someone finally agreed to publish his “Chicken Soup For The Soul” books.
If you’ve been working towards manifesting a goal, keep in mind all those who’ve walked the road before you who simply wouldn’t quit.  Let their success inspire you to keep holding on…to putting more effort into seeing it to the end.
Each day, we must TAKE ACTION to move our dreams into physical reality.  I suggest the following:
  • Before you go to bed each night, make a list of what you plan to accomplish the next day.  If you wait until the morning to do this…you’ve already wasted time!
  • Read your Mission Statement to begin your day.
  • Define and clear out all opposing beliefs with Meta-ET
  • Write down any ideas that come to you and follow up on them immediately
  • Find a mentor to shadow or intern with and do as he/she does
  • Surround yourself with people who already have what it is you want
  • At the end of each day, write down what you did that day.  Where you see wasted moments, note them and determine how to work more efficiently.
  • Accomplish at least one goal on your list every single day—break it down into small steps to make it easier.
  • When someone says NO, simply reply “Next!”  Don’t take rejection personally—you aren’t any worse off than before you got the NO.


God is working on your behalf in this very moment to manifest all the things you would like to experience.  Keep that in mind and TRUST that every single thing—yes, even that rejection—is moving you closer and closer to experiencing incredible joy, love, prosperity and abundance.  After all, the world around you is nothing more than information.  Use it!
Yours in Self TRANSFORMATION and EMPOWERMENT, Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner “Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!” Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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Meta-ET TM stands for Metaphysical Emotional Transformation. It is an epiphysical energy psychology system that combines components of various spiritual and scientific teachings to form a unique method of healing for problems in the mind, body and spirit. We demonstrate how current problems and diseases(effects) are the result of outer world manifestations of our inner beliefs(cause) and that removing non-serving beliefs in the subconscious programming of the wounded Inner Child has a profound healing effect on our current lives. Working in theta state, we open the subconscious mind while using specifically-designed meridian tapping techniques to clear conflicting beliefs.