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Where traditional therapy ends Meta-ET BEgins!

Change is a PROCESS of Growth

Planting the seed of change is a process, not an overnight manifestation.  To watch an acorn blossom into a mighty oak, one must be willing to wait and see.  In the end, of course, we understand it was worth the wait!

When you are ready to make a change in your life, you will be up against a mighty foe.  I’m not talking about people who might disagree with you, I’m speaking of the one within.  The ego does not like change.  It feels safe only in the familiar–that stifling “comfort zone.” Be prepared to put in time winning it over because it will not go without protest.  (And you thought THEY were going to be tough!)

In order to gain support from the ego, realize that time is on your side.  Be patient and do whatever it takes to quiet the fears that arise.  In Meta-ET, we know that means to remove the old, conditioned subconscious programming that is blocking you while allowing the new ideas to take root.  It is the first step of the planting process.

Here are the 7 steps for a successful garden of growth:

1.   Cultivate the soil.  Begin by checking in with your ego to see what opposing beliefs are held within.  When you talk about this change, what thoughts come into mind?  It is very important to notice the inner chatter of the subconscious mind.  Write down the fears–the “what if” statements.  Each one must be weeded out before any new idea will take root.  How?  Call a Meta-ET practitioner–these people are a gardner’s best friend!

2.  Choose the seed wisely!  When you are in the process of change, be sure you are very clear as to which seed you want to plant.  Constantly changing your mind will keep you stuck in this stage forever.  Select something…anything!  If it turns out that it isn’t what you want, simply dig it up begin again.  Any movement is better than none.  I would highly suggest that when you are choosing the seed, you make it positive, by the way.  Too many choose the opposite–they focus on and plant into the subconscious mind what they don’t want.  Decide what you want.  Choose it!

3.  Plant the seed.  Once you have selected what you want, plant it.  Think of it often, using imagination.  See it happening as if it is already done.  You always want to focus on the result, the final destination.  What does it look like once fully grown?  Feel the joy of that.  Isn’t that fun?

4.  Nurture the seed with plenty of attention, but don’t dig it up!  Once the seed is planted, be sure to nurture it with lots of loving attention.  However, don’t keep digging it up to check on its growth or make alterations.  You must TRUST the process!  Learn to believe without evidence.  Tremendous work is done beneath the soil long before the first shoot emerges in this world.  Not to worry…God is enormously busy working on your behalf, even now.

5.  Be patient!  “Good things come to those who wait.”  We must allow the passage of earthly time if we want to move something from the unmanifest realm into physical form.  While there is no absolute on how long that will be, our job is to stay with it, knowing the end result will be worth the wait.  The Universe/God doesn’t make mistakes.  Everything is as it should be and as Mary Baker Eddy said, “Patience must have her perfect work.”

6.  Rejoice in each stage of growth.  Each new leaf, new limb, new blossom needs celebration.  That encourages the growth to continue.  Many wait until the change is completely manifested before starting to appreciate all that is occuring to get to that place.  Appreciation is the highest vibration.  Use it to move the process along much faster. Come on, where is the celebration?  Party on!

7.  Expect MIRACLES!  Without having to know how it will happen, what it will look like or when it will be fully grown, believe it will be wonderful.  Everything happening is for the highest and best and the world supports and loves you.  When fear is removed and TRUST is established, incredible results are returned as a reward of your faith.  Never settle for less than the best while in the process of waiting.  Stand strong at the portal of thought by feeling good–no, feel great–as often as possible. Your expectation is moving into form each moment.  Expect miracles through the vibration of appreciation!

Each one of these stages of growth contributes to the final outcome.  Do not skimp on any one of them.  Whatever it is you want to have, do or be is absolutely possible.  The only thing standing between you and the life of your dreams is your own limited beliefs.  Weed your garden and plant and nourish seeds of change with confidence and joy!

A miracle has just been planted in your garden of growth.  Change is in the wind.  Can you hear its whisper?  It is up to you whether or not it dies, survives or thrives.

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner
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