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Where traditional therapy ends Meta-ET BEgins!

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Fences with gates

Fences with gates

             BOUNDARY BOUND!

Join me for a BOUNDARIES webinar beginning on May 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM CDT. We will meet for 3 consecutive evenings from 7:00-9:30 pm CDT on Tuesday, May 27 and Wednesday, May 28.  On Thursday, there is an optional Q&A Session from 7:00-9:00 pm CDT where I will gladly address your concerns and questions. If you are unable to attend the live events, you will still be able to access the recorded versions at any time of your choosing, so don’t miss out!  You can listen to the webinar online through your computer’s speakers or by calling in with your phone.
Register now by making your payment through the link provided below!  As soon as your payment is received, I will forward you the registration link which you will be able to use for the entire webinar.
Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries? Do you find yourself giving in because you “don’t want to hurt anyone else?” Do you live to please others? Are you a rule maker or a rule breaker? Are you lost in a co-dependent relationship, always trying to “fix” someone else? Do you feel entitled to receiving? Are you exhausted from too much giving? Do you comply with the desires of others out of guilt, neediness, obligation or fear? Do you give at your own expense? Do “they” come first?

Loving others shouldn’t cost you and love is never earned! Giving and receiving are to be held in perfect balance for harmonious relationships. What many people don’t realize is that boundaries are all about love! Good boundaries demonstrate self-love and teach others the importance of effective communication and integrity. What better gift can we give others than the lesson of self-love?

If you or someone you know struggles with boundary issues, I encourage you to join with us for this two-night webinar packed with information on the “how-to” of boundary setting. You will receive handouts, worksheets, tips, interaction, slide-shows, audios and much, much more! Cost for both nights and all the trimmings is only $39! But wait!! In addition to these two nights of enlightenment, I am offering a third night, May 29, from 7:00-9:00 pm, to answer and discuss all your concerns and questions at no additional cost! And you receive the digital tapping audio at no extra charge!!

Payment for the webinar can be made by credit card at through a secure Paypal site. Simply click on the “Add to Cart” button next to the Webinar listing. You can also pay with check/cash. (Contact me for details). Once payment is received, I will forward to you the link to join the webinar.  You will also be registered to receive the handouts, worksheets, audios, etc. once payment is received. I will be in touch on Saturday, May 24, with those who have registered to provide further information and to start you with some homework!

Don’t forget!  If you are unable to join us, live, for the entire webinar, you will still have access to the webinar through recordings.  Recordings are formatted to work with Windows Media Player and will be accessed through Dropbox.  If you don’t have Dropbox installed on your computer, please go to and do this prior to the webinar.  You will also receive digital audios through Dropbox.  Once you are notified the recording is available on Dropbox, you can download it to your computer to save it for later/repeated viewing.