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“Pillars Along the

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How To Create Prosperity Consciousness for Manifesting Wealth and Abundance

 (Based on James Allen’s Eight Pillars of Prosperity)

You cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily hand over to it any plan, desire, or purpose which you wish transformed into concrete form.” ~Napoleon Hill~

 with Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner, Jodi A. McDonald and

Many people think of prosperity as an immoral virtue shunned by the most holy. But an unbiased universe is not bound by such judgment and will offer wealth to all those who are aligned with prosperity consciousness. One look at nature and the universal laws is all it takes to realize we live in an environment of wealth and abundance and a Creator who gave us All That Is is anything but immoral! If God is the source of all supply, then clearly we inherited an abundant kingdom filled with all possibilities. It is, however, up to us to move the unseen into form.


Other people are more than happy to receive their divine inheritance, but simply have no path nor plan to guide them. They talk the talk, but never walk the walk. Action is the missing ingredient and a Universe that responds to human DNA has no direction without conscious choice.


Still others have not yet recognized that incongruous beliefs will forever hold them in a comfort zone of familiarity. They intentionally move towards a goal, but are doing so without clearing the opposing beliefs that will endlessly block them from realizing their dreams. Leading the universe in two different directions results in being stuck in the same place. Old patterns and beliefs must be removed prior to taking action. Changing words does little to affect the outcome. Energy must shift through feelings. The emotional clutter is stored in the subconscious mind and can only be shifted there.


According to James Allen’s Eight Pillars of Prosperity, the Universe is designed to be productive, energetic, impartial, sustaining, systematic, sincere, self-reliant and more than abundant. The principles of creation demonstrate that God is the cause while the universe—including man—is the effect. Applying the pillars of prosperity principles gives us the foundation to manifest prosperity. The eight pillars, according to Allen are:


Energy ‐ The entire physical universe IS energy! Humans are framed to be in motion and action is the key to moving formless into form. Energy equals capacity. We receive according to the measure of our giving. Even calmness requires focused and concentrated energy. Energy is the foundation on which all things of this world are made manifest. Energy vibrates.

Economy ‐ Nature knows no vacuum nor waste. The Universe is precise and efficient. Everything is “on purpose.” There are no accidents. Money is a symbol of exchange in the giving/receiving process. Giving too much away, at our own expense, leaves us in poverty. Becoming miserly and hoarding our wealth leaves us in want as we are deprived of purchasing. Balance in all things—moderate.

System ‐ The principle of order, focus, intention. Disorder in the universe would mean destruction. Order sufficiently uses time and energy. Everything is in its perfect place…mathematical. Ready, willing, and able. Clarity of purpose frees the mind to allow the heart to manifest. A plan is needed to quiet the ego. TRUST is needed to manifest! Quieting the mind allows God to move mountains on behalf of mankind.

Integrity ‐ There are no cheap bargains with prosperity—it is purchased with integrity. A generous nature is needed. Humble surrender and sacrifice leads to enlightenment…then follows all wealth. Absolute honesty is the surest way to success. Fearlessness comes with honesty. Face everything and avoid nothing!

Sympathy ‐ The deep, silent, inexpressible tenderness shown in a consistently self-forgetful gentle character. Unconditional Love. Authentic Self—not ego self—in the lead position. Comes from experience of dark depths of suffering which ripen to compassion. Love attracts.

Sincerity ‐ Be true to thine own self. Universe knows. We cannot lie to it. We cannot say one thing and be another. Congruency needed. Inner/outer reflect the same. Self-love is seen in outer world symbols of worthiness, including money. Trustworthy. Omnipotence. Security.

Impartiality ‐ The sun shines on all without regard to worldly judgments. Justice; not striving for self, but acting in accordance with equity. Wealth is not meant for “the few” but for anyone and everyone. God’s Love is unconditional. Sow seeds of influence. Patience has its perfect reward. Divine Wisdom needs no mortal education. It already knows and gives all to those who ask. God’s impartiality transforms.

Self‐Reliance ‐ Looking to one’s self only for strength and support by standing on principles which are fixed and invincible, and not relying upon outward things which at any moment may be snatched away. God is the Source of all sustenance. Following inner guidance.


In realizing how each one of these pillars plays a role in accessing our gift of prosperity, we avail ourselves to the outpouring of wealth available to us all. But know this! It is a process of combining these principles with the clearing of old patterns that ultimately results in the type of consciousness needed to manifest prosperity. We must love and value ourselves first in order to be willing to look at the beliefs we hold that keep us aligned with anything less than abundance. It is, after all, self-love that allows us to feel the feelings needed to manifest our dreams. Not egoic self-love…the Love that comes from deep within our souls that truly remembers who we really are. If we become aware of that alone, our vibrations rise to the top of the scale where all good things move into form. Money, you see, is a symbol of exchange for Love, and nothing more. Do you value your Self enough to open your arms to receive all God’s blessings? Do you feel worthy of such gifts? If not, it is old subconscious beliefs about who and what you are resisting, not allowing, the riches of Heaven to fill your life.


Living in the vibration of wonder and gratitude, we stand ready to receive all the riches of the kingdom of Heaven. But if this is not your reality, then come walk with me through the pillars along the path to prosperity. Allow me to help you see the obstacles in your path. Find the strength within yourself to remove them. In doing so…you will find yourself standing in a magnificent mansion of wonder and awe where words do little to describe or explain. You will finally walk the walk of prosperity as you become a living demonstration of God’s generosity and goodness. Miracles manifest here.


Are you ready to vibrate from the place of prosperity consciousness? Then join Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner, Jodi McDonald, for a 3 week webinar series held each Tuesday evening from 6:00-8:00 p.m. CST beginning January 15 and ending January 29. Attendees receive an ABUNDANCE of information, experience, and tools to guide them along the way. Each webinar is filled with inspirational slides, motivational information, and clearing work to align you with all God’s good. A BONUS audio recording of her latest CD, “Pathway to Prosperity,” is included in the price, along with worksheets, tapping sessions, meditations, copies of all the slides, and access to the recorded webinar for you to keep. If you are unable to attend the webinar live, you can always listen to it at your own convenience! If your dreams for 2013 include prosperity and abundance, you will not want to miss this opportunity to start the new year right.


This weekly webinar will address different topics each week and will cover the 8 Pillars along the way. The weekly topics will include:


  1. WEEK ONE (January 15, 2013) — “Understanding Prosperity Through The Example of Our Purposeful and Precise Universe” Our introductory session will begin as we look into the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe, understanding how orderly, efficient and precise our universe is. We will discuss Allen’s first 3 pillars—energy, economy and system—as we delve into our old programs to see where limited thinking aligned us with poverty consciousness. We will examine our personal tendencies to give or take too much and we will bring balance back into expression with a tapping exercise to clear unwanted beliefs. After clearing, we will conclude with a moving, open-eyed meditation to align us with the natural laws of the universe where we stand ready to receive abundance, wealth and prosperity.


  1. WEEK TWO (January 22, 2013)– “Aligning with Prosperity After Honest Assessment of Our Personal Beliefs” In week two, we will dive into Allen’s pillars of integrity, sympathy and sincerity. We will investigate our allegiance to either the ego self or to the Authentic Self and in absolute honesty we will face the limiting beliefs held within the subconscious mind which hold us in poverty consciousness. Using reframes, we will design our personal tapping scripts in order to clear out the non-serving beliefs that have kept us from the experience of prosperity. We will conclude with a tapping technique known as “Firm Stand Tapping” where we will challenge the ego’s limited beliefs with the abundant Truth of the Authentic Self. In doing so, we allow the better-serving ideas to take root in the subconscious mind where they are able blossom into wealth and abundance. This will be a powerful session—don’t miss it!!


  1. WEEK THREE (January 29, 2013)– “Manifesting Prosperity Through the Impartial Justice and Loving Guidance of God” Our final meeting will instill Prosperity Consciousness within as we let go of any ideas of being “less than” or unworthy. We will review Allen’s pillars of impartiality and self-reliance as we empower ourselves to attract wealth into our lives with an effortless and sure-fire method of leaning only on the Sustaining Infinite. Valuing ourselves by remembering our covenant with God, we will move into 2013 with the Consciousness of prosperity, wealth and abundance needed to fully open ourselves to receiving all the blessings of Divine Inheritance. Passionate about giving what we’ve received, we will take our places in the Kingdom of ALL THAT IS, sharing our wealth with all generations—past, present and future! The final session will take us into parallel realms where we will experience ourselves living in wealth, abundance and great happiness. Come take a quantum jump into the life where you are already experiencing the life of your dreams. The final session of this webinar will have you standing on your feet shouting, “BRAVO!” Vibrating with unbridled gratitude, you are attracting prosperity even now…and are well on your way to living the life you’ve only imagined until this day.


Please join us as we project prosperity not only into our personal lives, but into the lives of all mankind. Contribute to the SOLUTION as we jump off the fiscal cliff into the arms of Divine Love who will provide us with wings to soar to new heights. By signing up for this webinar, I promise you will get support, tapping, meditations, exercises, worksheets, education, fun and so much more. Participants of the last Meta-ET webinar are singing its praises with words like “awesome, amazing, the best deal around, outstanding, more than valuable, powerful, professional and excellent.”


Programs like this often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Don’t believe me? Check online. But Meta-ET is all about TRANSFORMATION and SELF-EMPOWERMENT, so this is my gift to you–


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On January 1, 2013, the price will go up to $125 per person—so hurry!! To receive this SPECIAL DEAL, please go to and pay online by no later than midnight, Monday, December 31, 2012. Online payments are Paypal verified. If you prefer to pay by check, you can mail payment to: Meta-ET, Unlimited, P.O. Box 310245, New Braunfels, TX. 78131-0245. Mailed payments must be received by Tuesday, January 2, 2013. Please email me at to notify me you plan to join us if you are sending your check by mail.

$$$$$$$$ Class size is limited, so don’t delay!$$$$$$$$

I’ll be in touch with all those who register to give you handouts and assignments for the first class and to provide you with the link for the first webinar. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I’ll see you there!

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