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Where traditional therapy ends Meta-ET BEgins!

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Meta-ET Workshop on Saturday, September 1st!

Don’t forget! This Saturday, September 1st, I will be hosting another amazing MANIFESTING MIRACLES workshop from 2:00-5:00 p.m. at the New Braunfels Unity Church. Cost is only $25. WHAT:  Shifting from Status Quo to SUCCESS! (Based on John Assaraf’s best seller, “Having it All!”) WHERE:  New Braunfels Unity Church of Practical Christianity, 408 Gruene Rd., […]

Change is a PROCESS of Growth

Planting the seed of change is a process, not an overnight manifestation.  To watch an acorn blossom into a mighty oak, one must be willing to wait and see.  In the end, of course, we understand it was worth the wait! When you are ready to make a change in your life, you will be up against […]

Winning Begins With Self-Love

I’m sure many of you reading this post are also watching the 2012 Olympics.  Addictive, huh? I think the reason we love watching these amazing athletes is largely because they are showing us that devotion and commitment have a huge payoff for those who really pour themselves into manifesting a dream.  If you listen to them speak after […]

When Life Says No, Reply with Next

When things don’t go as you expected, that does not mean the world is against you.  Quite to the contrary! What most people do when they experience any type of rejection is they assume that means The Universe/God is saying NO!  At that point, they retreat into depression, not having any idea what to do.  […]

MetaMoments is now here!

Rather than ask my readers to sign up for the MetaMoments emailed posting, you can now read the latest publication right here on my new blog! Meta-ET TM stands for Metaphysical Emotional Transformation. It is an epiphysical energy psychology system that combines components of various spiritual and scientific teachings to form a unique method of […]

Welcome to MetaMoments!

Welcome to my new MetaMoments blog! I will be replacing the email MetaMoments with online blog publication.